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Our Ministries

​Don't just go to church, Be The Church!

​​​We take seriously the idea of the community of faith as a context within which people from different backgrounds and with varying perspectives can openly share their experiences of God and can attend to one another in a spirit of love.

Mary's Room is an Outreach Program of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Watertown WI serving the infants and children of Watertown and surrounding communities through God's abundant grace.

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For over 40 years, St. Paul's has been serving the community through serving hot meals at community dinners.  And we have ben a part of the Sandwiches in the Park - Summer Lunch Program for over 2 years. Providing lunch for families and also free children's books to every child each week. 

St. Paul's English Second Language program began in 2014.

It serves the internationals in the community who wish to learn English. 

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church is part of a Watertown ecumenical group called the Shared Community Mission Group.  It is a group of churches in the community that have partnered to offer assistance to low-income families.

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