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St. Paul's 160th Celebration of Ministry

Some photos from our 160th (161st) beautiful celebration. And some of the contents from the cornerstone capsule from 1859.

STP Cornerstone.jpeg
Time capsule removed from St Paul's 1859.jpg
Time Capsule Items 2021.jpg
Tin Box Time Capsule 1859.jpg
prayer book 1859.jpg
Booklets from 1859 time capsule.jpg
Bible 1859.jpg
Altar Cloth St Paul's2.jpg
Mtr Monica . Bishop . Deacon Bill Oct 24 2021.jpg
Altar Cloth St Paul's.jpg
Mtr Monica cutting cake Oct 24 2021.jpg
Deacon Bill cutting cake Oct 24 2021.jpg
Kitchen Women of St. Paul's Oct 24 2021.jpg
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