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Hello from Mother Monica 

Hello Friends: I am so happy to be sharing my very first newsletter item with you as your new priest.  I hope you will plan to join us this Sunday either in person or online for our first Eucharist together as we launch our new ministry and celebrate new beginnings at St Paul’s.  
You will no doubt notice some activity around the rectory as Steve and I continue to move things in gradually over the next few weeks.  A big thank you to all who worked so hard to make the rectory so lovely and welcoming and to all who helped me move in during “phase one” last week. The rest of the furniture will be coming with professional help before the holidays. 
October will be a very busy month for our church family:  we have numerous events in process, culminating in Bishop Lee’s visit on October 24 for our 160th celebration, my installation as your priest and confirmations/receptions into our church.  My goals for this first month are quite frankly to try to keep up with all of you, learn my way around St Paul’s and the rhythm of your parish life.  Once we have October behind us, we will work together to plan for a holy Advent and joyous holiday season.  I am extremely grateful to have the continued ministry of Deacon Bill and Amy with us, even if in a more limited capacity going forward.  The parish community is blessed by their continued presence.
You may notice some subtle changes in things as we move forward together.  As a new priest I want to take time to learn from all of you, find out what your hopes are for St Paul’s, what things you love and what things you hope to change.  That will take some time. I ask for your prayers and patience as we learn more about each other and discern our way forward together. 
Finally, a quick word about my schedule.  I am always your priest, and am available for pastoral emergencies at any time.  However, as you already know, my agreement with St Paul’s, as approved by the Diocese, is for me to be in residence in Watertown on a part time basis each week and three of every four Sundays per month.  For now, I plan to be at the church and rectory on Mondays, Tuesdays and on Wednesday morning.  We will try this schedule for a bit and then evaluate with the vestry. I will remain flexible and can adjust for special church events and pastoral needs.  Even on days when I am not in residence, I am likely to be available by email and cell phone contact. As soon as I am more settled, we will add regular office hours to this schedule.
God Bless You and may God Bless our work together,
Mother Monica 

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