Easter Sunday Service


Easter Sunday Service – In-Person Worship Instructions


April 4th, 2021, Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday will be an opportunity to gather together at our respective churches.  The following is the scheduled for easter Sunday:


            10:00 am On-Line Worship, St. Paul’s and St. Mark’s (See Zoom link in eNews) 

            11:30 am In-Person Worship, St. Paul’s, Watertown (Outdoors)


Reservations will be required for Easter services.  Contact Alice Mirk (St. Paul’s aimirk68@icloud.com) or leave a message at the Church office (ph) 920 261 1150.  


Saturday you will receive a call to ask the screening questions, please provide that information so the services are not delayed on Sunday morning.  


Masks will be required as will social distancing.  You will be usher to your pew (indoors) seating area (outdoors) and you will receive a bulletin with all the service text. 


Please be aware our time together is limited.


            St. Paul’s gather on the lot across the street from the church on Spring Street.


The service will be the Liturgy of the Word.  We will have music but there will be no singing, again due to COVID-19 requirements. 


But, we will make a joyful noise – BRING A BELL TO RING DURING THE SERVICE.


Following the services, communion will be distributed to those who would like as you depart.  Follow the instructions given during the service. 


Easter Sunday will be the second time we meet in person in a long time and the first time we meet with COVID-19 restrictions.  Please bear with us as we work through worshipping in this way.  We also request that you obey the COVID-19 restrictions so that we protect those who are most vulnerable. 

Bring Bells for Easter


It is tradition in many places to ring bells at Easter every time we say “Alleluia!”.  Since we are not able to sing this year, we are committed to making as much noise as possible to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  So, bring a bell to ring to the in-person or on-line services and ring it as loud as possible when you hear the word “Alleluia!”  As the old SNL saying goes, “More Cow Bells!” Let us ring in this Easter!

Sunday Services


We started to transition to in-person worship starting on Palm Sunday and continuing through the Easter season.  Our preference will be to worship outdoors since our only limit on the number of persons who can attend is limited solely by the space.  We will bring out own lawn chairs and be together in God’s creation.  On days where we cannot meet outdoors, we will be able to meet in the church but our numbers will be limited to what is allowed by the health department and the diocese guidelines.  

We will have a reservation system for in-person attendance due to the limit. 

If you attend, you will be asked the COVID-19 screening questions the day prior by phone, be required to wear a mask, and we will be distanced in either space. 

As we transition to in-person worship, we will continue our weekly on-line worship and celebrating in that way each Sunday.  Please join us in this opportunity to worship, sing and pray remembering our call from God to reflect, repent, and renew.  Our virtual choir has prepared the psalm and hymns for the season including some by the combined St. Paul’s and St. Andrew’s virtual choir.

Looking Forward – Easter Season 


The following are the services for the remainder of Holy Week and Information on the Easter Services:


April 11th, 2021, Easter 2 - 10:00 am, On-Line Worship, St. Paul’s and St. Mark’s

April 18th, 2021, Easter 3 -  9:00 am, Easter In-Person Worship, Communion, St. Paul's

                                              10:00 am, On-Line Worship, St. Paul’s and St. Mark’s




Please note:  Reservations will be required for in-person worship.  The number reservations and location for in-person worship will be determined on Wednesday of the week of the based on weather and COVID-19 status in the county.  


Watch for announcements.  


Please note that pre-screening for COIVD-19 will be done by telephone the night before for all reservations for services.  Please be available.