Individual and Community Wellness 
Seeking God with All your Heart, Soul, Strength and Mind

As we face a church season without the fellowship and spiritual comfort of each other in a physical setting we need to reach out and find our comfort in different ways. We are finding alternate ways to relate to each other and to the world in Christ’s name in these times.  St. Paul’s and St. Mark’s fall formation program is designed to help meet the challenge ahead.


Join us on Tuesday evening September 8th at 7pm for the information and sign-up session of the fall Christian Formation series to prepare us for a different and challenging fall and winter! St. Paul’s in Watertown has joined forces with St Mark’s church in Beaver Dam, and Rev. Scott Stoner of the Living Compass program, to provide a holistic approach to wellness using the Living Compass program blended with the Rule of St. Benedict to help us through these times.


We will meet on Zoom and use an interactive Facebook group devoted to information, questions and reflections about the Christian Formation series.  


Check out the weekly eNews for the Zoom link to the information session or email Rev Bill.  The program will start September 22nd. Check us out, you won’t be sorry! 


Email revbill.saint413paul@gmail.com with questions.